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In the Scoliosis Center at RESTORE Orthopedics and Spine, we understand that spinal deformities impact people of all ages from childhood to adulthood. It is important to understand your deformity and the appropriate steps needed to achieve and maintain your best quality of life and posture. For nearly ten years, Dr. Bederman has been treating childhood and adult scoliosis and other spinal deformities. After serving on faculty at UC Irvine for 5 years and the Texas Back Institute – Scoliosis and Spine Tumor Center, Dr. Bederman returned to California to develop the RESTORE Scoliosis Center.

The Scoliosis Center was developed to help all patients, young and elderly, access the care necessary. We provide no-charge scoliosis screening for children and adolescents through RESTORE Orthopedic Urgent Care. Detecting scoliosis before it becomes more severe can lead to early intervention that may improve long-term outcomes. Our full-length spinal X-rays at RESTORE Imaging are used to properly determine the amount of curvature and flexibility of the curves.

Most people with scoliosis can be treated without surgery – watching for changes in the curve over time, exercise therapy, or possibly rigid braces or softer garments. In some people with more severe scoliosis, surgery may be necessary.

At RESTORE Scoliosis Center, we use the latest technology in surgical treatment, such as cutting edge robotics. The Renaissance Robot by Mazor is the leader in robotic spinal surgery and has been shown to provide a high level of accuracy as well as efficiency in the surgical treatment of scoliosis.

Dr. Bederman has been using the Renaissance Robot for over 5 years and is world recognized for robotic scoliosis surgery. He is an active member of the Scoliosis Research Society. You can check them out at


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